Doesn't it feel like just yesterday that we mentioned that Idaho has an incredible knack for making national headlines for the most embarrassing reasons?

Oh, wait. It was. If you watched Stephen Colbert last night, you know that the Gem State has managed to keep that streak alive. For those of you who've tried to stay away from the news because it just drags you down, here's a quick recap of WHY Idaho landed itself on Colbert's radar.

This week, Governor Little took a trip to Texas to other governors to address concerns about what's happening at the border. Some of those concerns illegal immigration and counterfeit drugs containing Fentanyl entering Idaho by way of Mexico.

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While he was gone, Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin took it upon herself to write an executive order clamping down on COVID-19 testing and mandatory vaccine at Idaho's K-12 schools and universities. It raised some eyebrows, considering Boise State had already backed off their plan to require a negative test or proof of vaccine to enter the remaining home games this season.

Needless to say, Governor Little wasn't impressed by the perceived power grab and repealed the order before he even returned to Idaho. In other words, Mom and Dad are fighting and Idaho's being humiliated in the national news again because of it.

But hey, at least Stephen Colbert was able to have a little fun at our expense! He dedicated two and a half minutes to the spat in Thursday night's monologue. Even as we're hanging our heads in shame, this still made us laugh out loud. Especially when Colbert called Governor Little the "stud muffin of"

The Idaho segment starts around the 5:30 mark of this video. (And we're a little geeked because one of our sister stations, KIDO Talk Radio, appears in the clip.)

This wasn't the first time that Colbert's dedicated THAT much of his monologue to what's going on in Idaho. When KTVB's Mark Johnson went viral because his station tweeted his name without any context, Colbert had field day with it and called the tweet "the biggest headline on Earth."  This monologue we were proud to be part of because it spread some light hearted joy that the country desperately needed! You can see hose jokes at the 10:30 mark of this video.

Idahoans Embarrassing The Rest of us in National News

I'm feeling second-hand embarrassment over here

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