I've probably driven by Sheri's one million times at this point and never went in, until now, and I'm in love with it's classic vibes, great food, AND THE PIE SHAKES!

Saturday, after a long afternoon and evening trying to get my boat working correctly at Lake Lowell, I was FAMISHED. It was about 10:00 and my wife and I decided to see what was open. "Sheri's on Meridian by the freeway is open till 11", she said. I said, "alright, let's check it out." We roll over there about 30 minutes before they closed, they quickly had us seated with drinks in our hands and soups in front of us! I ordered the prime rib dip and my wife got the hangover burger, which is essentially a breakfast burger with egg and hash browns, they're all the rage these days.

Our meal was incredible and afterwards she asked if we wanted pie OR pie shakes. They have a ton of different pies to choose from but they'll also take a slice of pie, and turn it into a shake if you wanted to (sounds delicious but we opted to just get the pies with ice cream). My wife got the classic apple pie and I got the chocolate cream pie. We were in and out in 25 minutes and delightfully satisfied. This place we had driven by so many times was a sort of obvious hidden gem; a classic diner in the middle of all the chaos just waiting for someone to sit down and enjoy it's great vibes and even better pies.

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