Only three more shows and then David Letterman will be officially retired.  Anyone else hate that?

How did the Top Ten List start anyway?  Here's the very first one.

Dave introduced the Top Ten List in the Fall of 1985, and it became is longest running bit. Dave can take nonsense and make it funny, and even kinda smart.  Or creative anyway. The first Top Ten List was "Things that Almost Rhyme with Peas," and this video shows what inspired it.

I've always been a Letterman girl.  Anyone that has had a TV show since 1982 is pretty dang good in this crazy industry, and worthy of attention and respect, and I might cry when he signs off for the final time.

Dave's final guests are on tonight and tomorrow, and on Wednesday night he won't have any promoted guests.  Instead there will be some flashbacks, some celebrating, and a few "surprises."

Dave hasn't revealed too much about what he'll be doing after retirement from the show, but we do know Paul Shaffer will keep making music and has said his scheduled will open up a bit more now.

What late night host do you watch?

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