Another scam is going around Idaho, including here in the Treasure Valley, that you need to watch out for. This one is tied to Idaho Power company and it can seem pretty real if you or a loved one receives the call.

Credit: Tim Arbaev, ThinkStock
Credit: Tim Arbaev, ThinkStock

Apparently the scammer is calling to ask for immediate payment of an overdue bill. If they don’t receive immediate payment they threaten to shut off your electricity and that you will then have to pay a fee to restart your service after paying the total bill. What the scammers are wanting is for you to give them your Credit card number or checking account number and routing info so they can empty out your accounts….So what should you or a loved one do if you receive this call?

Hang up!  You are being scammed. According to Idaho Power, scammers are currently calling customers in Idaho, telling them to remit an overdue payment or power will be shut off in their home. Scammers are even going to the lengths to make it appear that an Idaho Power number shows up on the recipient’s Caller I.D.

“While this payment due scam is the most typical scam going around now, Idaho Power say they are not new to scammers using their name to try and get money from unsuspecting people

Idaho Power says customers should know that the company will not:

  • Demand immediate payment
  • Require payment for a defective meter or other Idaho Power equipment
  • Ask for same-day payment via pre-paid debit cards
  • Or ask potential job seekers for personal information over the phone

Take it from me, if you actually do forget to pay a bill for some reason, they will not call you for immediate payment you will get a disconnect notice letter in the mail, warning that if you don’t take care of the bill by a certain date, then your electricity will be turned off. But they will never call you for immediate payment with immediate disconnect.

Idaho Power warns customers to never share personal information or provide payment to callers claiming or appearing to be representatives from Idaho Power. If you have any questions what so ever about the validity of your phone call, instead, hang up and immediately call Idaho Power directly at 800-488-6151.

And remember, you might not fall for this, but elderly people are the ones who end up being hurt by this more than anybody, so make sure, you older family members are also aware of this.

It’s better safe than sorry.

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