This week will be nice all over the Treasure Valley, get ready for warm temps and start thinking of what you are going to be doing.

Tuesday looks like it may be windy but most of the week is in the upper 70's and then this weekend 80's! With the warm weather also brings the danger of wasps and rattlesnake, the western rattlesnake is what we have here. It is also the start of the dry season. I know my cuticles are paying for it and my face is dry. Some people deal with bloody noses in this climate. Something to be cautious of this time of year.

What are you going be doing with this nice weather? There are so many options and more and more things opening up for you to utilize. The Boise River is running high and fast right now so reminder to be careful if you are near there while the weather is nice.

Charene TSM
Charene TSM


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