We need your help in choosing the Grand Prize winner for our Mike & Nicole's Total Transformation with Spa 35!

One of these three finalists will win $5,000 in services from Spa 35 in Boise to look and feel their best! Read the nomination letters and then vote for one person below!

Ally D
On December 10th 2016 my parents were Christmas shopping at Fred Meyers when my dad told my mom that he needed to use the restroom and he would find her shortly. Shortly turned into longer than it should have & my dad was not answering his phone. My mom thought it was strange so she decided to head over to the restrooms. She saw paramedics & the restrooms being blocked off. She soon found out that her soul mate had suffered a massive heart attack. After a few hours at the hospital my mom had lost her best friend & soulmate of 35 years!
Since my dad has passed away my mom has committed to working out daily & has lost over 50 pounds! She has kept a smile on her face when she doesn't feel like smiling. She keeps a positive outlook on life when the skies are grey. It is my hope that if my mom gets nominated this will give her one step forward in a positive direction & help her shed some light on all the good she has done since dad has passed. Shed some light on herself for once & be damn proud of what she has accomplished in just 9 months! I'm so proud of you mom-keep moving forward!

Brandon C
This year has been hard on my mom, as my dad walked out on my mom after 24 years of marriage. I have watched my mom cry, not sleep, not eat and stress herself. My parents are officially divorced now, but the effects this had on my mom are still there. She feels unwanted, rejected and ugly. My brother and I think she is beautiful, but we also think that this package would give her the chance to feel good about herself again. She deserves it! For 24 years she was a hard working wife and mother, always sacrificing for her family and never worrying about herself. She has always given to others and it is time for her to receive something good in return. Thank you.

Keri M
I am nominating my other half, Robyn, for the Total Transformation spa package because if anyone deserves it, it's her! She is the hardest working woman I know. She works 2, sometimes 3 jobs to support her kids all on her own. She never has a chance to take time for herself, to get pampered or feel like the beautiful woman that she is because she works too hard! On top of being an awesome and hardworking mama, she’s the most genuine and loyal friend you could ever ask for.
She deserves this transformation spa package because it would not only change how she feels, it would help her see how amazing she really is.

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