We have a feature on the Mix Morning Show with Mike and Nicole called "People Behaving Great", which highlights people who go out of their way to do great things for other people. We told you last week of an update about two women who met because of Mix 106, one who's daughter needed a new kidney. The operation was done Friday (4/29) here's and update with new pictures.

Post Op visit

The operation was a complete success, and according to the families it went even better than everyone had hoped. Here was a message I received from Christy over the weekend.

"Quick update. I am released to my hotel until my follow up appointment on Wednesday. I will be cleared to travel home then. Chloe is doing great!! The new kidney is functioning perfect. She is happy and already feeling tons better! She should be released in a week or so. The docs on both sides are very happy with our recovery. It was anticipated to take much longer. So glad it didn't!"

This is such an awesome and inspiring story.  Here are a few new pictures and for those who might not know the entire story read about it below and check out all the pictures from their visit to Salt Lake last week.


Before Surgery

This is the first message we received from Christy telling her amazing story:

"This is so weird and crazy. What started out as a fun little scavenger hunt with the Bandit has turned into a life altering decision. I know Rachel won’t say much since it is her family that is the heart of it all, so I will say it for her. During the Bandit hunt there was a Facebook group that interacted with each other daily. It was that group that I first learned of Rachel Poindexter and her daughter Chloe.

Rachel was searching for the clue to help with her daughter’s kidney transplant. I didn’t think much of it then and went on with my search for the missing M. I thought if I found it I would donate some money to the GoFundMe for Chloe. I never thought of it again…until now. I am the kidney donor.

I have never met Rachel or her daughter. I friended Rachel on Facebook after the search was over.

A few weeks ago Rachel posted that Chloe was in need of a kidney and they were looking for a live donor since that would be the fastest way to save Chloe. Without hesitation I started the process. It looks like the surgery will be done the first part of April.

I wanted to take a moment and thank Mix 106 for bringing us all together. I have yet to meet Chloe or Rachel in person. Soon maybe. We all live local so it shouldn’t be too hard. It is surreal to think that a search for a missing M would result in complete strangers sharing body parts! I just wanted you all to know how much of a part you’ve played in this. Without all of you this wouldn't be happening!"


That was from a few months ago, and this week we received an update from Christy about how things have progressed with  Rachel and her daughter Chloe

Update on the kidney crew: We are all in Salt Lake now. We both have pre-op stuff to do. We spent the day together yesterday just exploring some fun stuff in the area. We talked about how we ended up here.

Without Mix106 I'm not sure we would have ever crossed paths..

The surgery is set for 6am Friday morning. We should be be released by Monday but with limitations. I (the donor) will have to spend another 4-5 days in Salt Lake before I'm cleared to go home for the rest of my recovery. Chloe (the recipient) has to remain in Salt Lake for 6-7 weeks. It's been a whirlwind so far!

The hospital staff said that this process typically takes much longer. But because a donor kidney was located almost immediately everything went fast. So thank you Mix 106 for bringing it all to a starting point! I will try to update after the surgery.

Just some additional info. The dialysis Chloe has is 10.5 HOURS every day. Half of her life is dialysis. This truly is giving her life back.



Here are few other photos of Christy, Rachel and Chloe in Salt Lake