Two Idaho Airmen from Gowen Field here in Boise were attacked by around 8 unidentified men outside a restaurant in Yuma Arizona earlier this week. One was seriously injured and airlifted to a hospital in San Diego.


According to a story that appeared on KIVI TV the mother of one of the victims said that the attack was broken up by 4 Marines who happened to walk out of the restaurant at the time and witnessed the beatings.  The mother is thankful that the Marines walked out when they did to stop the attack or she feels that her son would be dead now.

Her son suffered various lacerations, a broken jaw, broken nose and multiple cuts and bruises....


He now has his jaw wired shut and will have to eat from a tube for the next six to eight weeks.

According to the KIVI report the two Air Guardsmen are considered to be the victims in this attack according to the Yuma Police department.

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