The Idaho National Guard just received eight F-15C Fighter Jets that will train with and against some of the A-10 Fighter Jets Gowen Field has during daylight hours through the month of July.

The F-15's come from the Louisiana Air National Guard's 159th Fighter Wing and are here in an effort to educate and give experience to members of both National Guards. just released this quote from Col. Tim Donnellan, commander of the Idaho Air National Guard’s 124th Fighter Wing...

Training with our Air National Guard brothers and sisters who operate different fighter aircraft is vital to maintaining a combat ready force.  These are the same Airmen we partner with in combat and training with them face to face is an invaluable opportunity. This will increase the combat readiness of our pilots while also providing critical training to our A-10 maintainers and mission support personnel as they work on and around the F-15C.

The A-10's normally focused on an air-to-ground type of mission will now have an opportunity to work on their air-to-air combat skills.  There will be flight noise due to the training exercises but come on, these people are protecting our country, right?  I have absolutely no problem with a little noise for a few weeks.  If you're one of "those" people that want to complain, the Guard has offered up a phone number to call.  It's 208-422-5252.

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