Hot on the heels of Boise being named Forbes Magazine's second best city in America for Young Professionals, comes this list of top twenty towns for mountain biking...and Boise once again makes the list, but this time, Boise isn't the only Idaho city to make that list.

To make it on this list, National Geographic says:  "To foster authentic bike culture, a town needs more than just high quality trails. These 20 mountain bike hamlets around the country (in no particular order) offer bucket-list rides, new trail development, a variety of outdoor recreation, and a fun, bike-friendly vibe.

So it's very satisfying and dare I say, exciting for bike enthusiasts to find Idaho made this list twice.

Boise as we all know is a very active city and one of those activities is mountain biking. The Boise area has hundreds of miles of biking trails right out most of our back doors.

"Mountain bikers in Boise represent about a third of the city’s outdoor enthusiasts, and the bike community has spent decades building and perfecting an adventurous trail network, accessible right from downtown.

Boise is also home to many organized biking activities and events like The Tour de Fat which annually draws over 10,000 enthusiastic and sometimes costumed cyclists and beer aficionados to a city park to benefit local charities

However as good as Boise is for mountain biking, there's another Idaho town that might be even better. According to National Geographic's top 20 list, that town, not surprisingly is Sun Valley at number four on the list. National Geographic had this to say about Sun Valley's mountain biking trails:

"Somehow the world-class mountain biking in Sun Valley, Idaho, remains relatively under the radar. But with more than 400 miles of single track (including lift-accessed downhill trails on the ski area), 30 miles of paved bike paths, and spectacular alpine views, Sun Valley really is one of the great riding destinations, period."

Sun Valley is really one of those towns that you would never have to use anything to get around town in other than a bike (except in the winter time) Plus you get the added value of the beauty that is Sun Valley

Check out the entire list America's best biking towns below.....

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