This is absolutely awful and this family needs any help they can get!

Braxton Bigelow, a 12-year-old Idaho boy, is in critical condition and fighting for his life after an accident that left him with first, second, and third degree burns on almost half of his body.

He was helping his dad try to get their riding lawnmower started when he was hit by a flaming stream of gasoline that shot out of it.

His dad jumped to put the fire out, taking off his shirt before pushing him to the ground to smother the flames. Thankfully, his dad is a former ambulance driver for the Idaho Falls Fire Department, so he knows how to think quick in situations like these. Still, when it's your own child, I can imagine the fear!

He yelled at his son to cover his face, and it saved his lungs and airway, but it did get to his arms. He is currently in a medically-induced coma.

Family members have set up an online fundraiser to help with travel and medical expenses in the coming months. To learn more and help this sweet family, click HERE.


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