Free Starbucks Coffee for Front Line Responders this Month
For the entire month of December, Starbucks is showing its compassion and thankfulness to first responders and people working on the front lines against the pandemic and beyond. At participating Starbuck locations, which is pretty much ALL of them, individuals who identify as a front-line responders…
Boise Hospital to Close
Although there has been a lot of growth in Boise in the past few years, I was recently saddened to hear that a local business will be closing its doors this winter.
St. Luke's Eclipse Video
This is absolutely brilliant!
St. Luke's staff created an amazing video to remind people to protect their eyes during the upcoming total eclipse, taking place on Monday.
We already knew that the staff at St. Luke's is incredible, but this needs to go viral...
Saint Alphonsus Opens New Medical Center in Nampa
The ribbon cutting for the new Saint Alphonsus Medical Center off Garrity and I-84 in Nampa took place yesterday.

The new campus focuses on not just physical needs of patients but also their emotional needs. As soon as you walk in, you’ll see local artwork on the walls, sculptures tha…

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