My heart aches for sweet Aaliyah Shepard and her family. They are facing Christmas in the burn-unit after a tragic accident with a holiday candle. 

The family lives in Mountain Home and mom, Tia Simmons told that it happened in a matter of seconds. Aaliyah reached over a candle on the counter and her sequined shirt went up in flames.

Aaliyah's upper body, hands, foot, and scalp suffered third-degree burns and she will undergo a series of surgeries at the University of Utah Burn Center where she could be in intensive care for about a month.

If you'd like to help lift little Aaliyah's spirits, she is asking for a very simple thing. The 9-year-old would like to receive Christmas cards to decorate her hospital room!

This is going to be the after-school activity at my house today and I'd love to encourage you to join in the effort!

You can send Aaliyah Christmas cards to ...

Aaliyah Shepard

Rm. 4414

Fourth Floor Burn Unit

50 N. Medical Dr.

Salt Lake City, UT. 84132

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