With temperatures hitting triple digits this week, it’s extremely important to be aware when your body is overheating. By the time some people realize it, it’s too late. But, it’s so very dangerous and can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke!


So, when you are outside this summer, stay hydrated! It’s not always enough, but it’s important to make sure you start drinking before you get outside. Usually, a liter an hour while you are outside sweating and keep hydrating on top of that.


Don’t forget your sunscreen, too! Make sure you cover your body completely and don’t forget the areas that you sometimes do until you’re in need of some soothing aloe vera! Get those ears and tops of your feet lathered well if you wear sandals. When you're headed out, prepare with a bag full of water and ice packs. 


Also, be aware of the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

The most common signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion include:

If you or a loved one experience any of these signs, here's what to do!

  • Get some place cool quickly! Preferablean air conditioned room.
  • Drink plenty of fluid (avoid caffeineand alcohol).
  • Remove any tight or unnecessary clothing.
  • Take a cool shower, bath, or sponge bath.
  • Apply other cooling measures such as fans or ice towels.

If you don't get the help you need when you've reached this point, you run the risk of getting worse and experiencing heat stroke. The symptoms are much more severe and could cause breathing problems, seizures, and falling unconscious.

Children and the elderly feel the effects quicker and don’t have the ability to regulate their body temperatures as easily. So, keep them inside where it’s cool or in a shaded area when possible. 

Be safe and smart out there in this heat!

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