Most of the animal abuse issues discussed have to do with leaving your dog in a hot car but another form of abuse has killed four horses in Payette County.  KTVB reports that the Payette County Sheriff's Office along with Payette Police was informed of the dead horses and when investigated they found that the horses had no water in their tanks.  That combined with triple digit weather just about every day resulted in a death sentence.

The owners, who have not yet been identified, are currently being questioned and the entire case is under investigation.  The Payette County Sheriff's Office had this to say about the tragic incident...

Many of our employees own animals themselves and are as heartbroken by this as much as our community is. We appreciate the community's concerns and would like to remind all animals owners that the heat is reaching triple digits.  Animals need a consistent water source and can overheat very quickly, please ensure you are taking care of your furry family members."

If you see anyone neglecting an animal in any way, please contact the police immediately.

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