The Treasure Valley is the perfect place for a hot pepper eating challenge! While I will not be entering the contest myself I cannot wait to see what happens at the first ever Hot Pepper Eating Contest currently in the works thanks to the people who put on the Nampa Farmers Market.

I stumbled on the event on Facebook, and instantly wanted to know more about it. We are so fortunate to have lots of delicious and spicy hot sauces at various restaurants here in the Nampa area so I am sure there will be some mouth scorching peppers that are going to be devoured.

If I were about 10 years younger I would be all over this challenge, it's amazing how a few years and a little maturity makes you want to sit back and watch the action. The event is set to take place at the Nampa Farmers Market on Saturday, September 14th, 2019 so you have plenty of time to train for the event. Click here for the facebook event page to stay up to date as the details get finalized, and make sure you tag any friends that you think would be brave enough for the Hot Pepper Eating Challenge!

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