Did you feel the earthquake just before 6 o'clock this evening? My family was just sitting down to dinner when our whole table and my chandelier shook. 

I live in Meridian, and according to an article on KTVB, the 6.5 quake was 73.3 miles north of Meridian and west of Challis.

That's a pretty big quake! I've never experienced an earthquake like that before in my life and I told my kids to "get under the table!"

Luckily, it was over quick and at my house there wasn't any damage at all. Nothing even fell off the shelves, but we sure did feel it!

People all around the Treasure Valley are saying they felt the quake. From Boise to Nampa,  from Ontario, all the way to Montana!

Hopefully, everyone is okay. We are sure living in some crazy times right now!

We'll keep you update if we get more updates on this story.

Stay safe my friends!

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