Obviously "Coronavirus, Covid-19, Pandemic", etc. are all the number one concern of 2020 in the Treasure Valley. But can you guess what number TWO was?

Doesn't it seem like it was years ago? Tuesday, March 31st at 5:52 pm, we were rocked by an earthquake that was pretty massive where it originated (6.5), enough to shake us up here in the Treasure Valley. "Boise Earthquake" accounts for Idaho's second most popular search term of 2020, and rightfully so. It was the biggest earthquake to hit the valley since the 80's.

I remember that afternoon pretty vividly; I was working in my home office and my fiancé was in the next room over and I started thinking to myself, "is she just throwing furniture around in the other room?" As I walked out of my door, she met me in the hallway wondering if I had been throwing furniture as well. I glanced over at the mugs we have hanging on the wall and they were shaking pretty good and we just looked at each other like "oh crap! earthquake!" Before you knew it the whole thing had ended and all the sudden, we were all online searching "Boise earthquake" because we wanted to know how big it was, and which of our friends felt it.

This was a pretty cool seismic event in the sense that no one was hurt and we all got to see mother nature at work doing her thing! Will it be another 30+ years before we experience a quake like that here in the Treasure Valley? It's possible, and by then, we'll be able to say "us old timer remember the 2020 quake that was quickly overshadowed by a pandemic." What a weird year...

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