What has been with all the earthquakes lately? Between the quakes, coronavirus, murder hornets, and the riots, sometimes it truly feels apocalyptic. This morning's earthquake happened near Stanley. 

It registered 4.1 on the Richter scale in the Challis National Forest according to an article on KTVB.

The ground started to shake about 8 a.m. between Idaho 21 and Valley Creek. So far no damage or injuries have been reported.

Did you know that more than 1,000 quakes have been recorded in our area since we felt the 6.5 earthquake here in the Treasure Valley on March 31st? Most have been very small of course, but it makes me wonder what is up with all the activity?

Do earthquakes make you nervous? Since there wasn't any damage, my kids thought experiencing the 6.5 quake was the coolest thing ever. We felt the ground roll and watched our chandelier swing back and forth. I had to remind them and educate them about how dangerous earthquakes can be and that they certainly aren't always "fun."

Luckily, this quake doesn't seem to have caused much of a rumble, but it makes me wonder if even more quakes are on the way?

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