Where did that come from? Did you feel that earthquake today? You may have forgotten but it was almost 365 days since the big Magnitude 6.5 earthquake that rocked Boise. That was March 31, 2020.

There were 37 total earthquakes today with several in California, Nevada, Montana, and Idaho. This was just today. Is this just the beginning of something larger coming?

I had a close friend whose mom checked the earthquake chart every day as she planned for the potential end. I'm not sure about that but we had several today and it could be some warnings.

The first hit in Stanley, Idaho just a few hours away come in at a Magnitude 2.9, Bancroft, Idaho had a Magnitude 3.2 all around the same times. We also saw earthquakes off the Oregon coast at Magnitude 3.6 and six different ones in California hours apart. Montana also felt a Magnitude of 3.1

I'm no seismologist, but we've had 41 different earthquakes in Idaho over the last 30 days. Stanley seems to be the hub of several different earthquakes ranging upwards of 3.7. That's only a few hours away from Boise.

There is a very insightful page you can go and look at real-time maps with activity. You can set alerts if you really want to get that deep but you just never know. I grew up half of my life in Texas and all we worried about was Hurricanes and Tornadoes. Those are scary for sure but it's something about an earthquake that can kind of freak you out.

That was March 31, 2020, when that Magnitude 6.5 earthquake hit near Boise and scared everyone. That one hit around 5:52 PM and was only 72 miles out of Boise. We're coming up on that date. I'm just putting that out there.


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