Due to the weather and the annoying inversions we get the Boise area did not get to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon.

It's the last one till 2021 and we were robbed. Some people traveled up and out of the clouds but in Idaho it was expected to not be visible in a lot of areas. When I woke up on Sunday and it was so foggy and socked in I was assuming it would be difficult. Boise State Public Radio talked about the fact Idaho was not able to see this moon and the fact that during a Super Blood Moon:

The Earth’s shadow doesn’t completely blot out the moon – light from the sun still shines through the atmosphere of our planet and gives the moon its reddish hue. While the Super Blood Wolf Moon will be visible throughout the Americas, don’t count on seeing it in Idaho

The clouds just didn't even allow a peek of this blood moon in MOST of Idaho. Did anyone see it and if so where were you?


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