If you want to enjoy some outings with a group then join the Billy and Charene Adventure Team. From free outings, to discounted trips we are trying to help everyone get out and adventure no matter cost.

There are a few things on our sights for winter and one is coming up with the Indian Creek Plaza Ice Ribbon. A spectacular place to take the family or friends out to during the winter. I am all about just doing stuff and staying as busy as possible. Jan 30th we will be having a get together and allow a few people a chance to check it out for free.

Everyone is invited to the Ice Ribbon in Caldwell on Jan 30th from 6-8 PM! Come out and just say hi and go for a skate with us. If you join the Billy and Charene Adventure Team though you will get a first right to one of the free spots. Like I mentioned before we are trying to allow those that maybe wouldn't go or couldn't afford the chance to go with a group and for free. This will get you rentals and the entrance to the ribbon. They are very family friendly with walkers to help those new to ice skating.

If you can make it to the Indian Creek Plaza on Jan 30th 6-8 PM let us know and sign up and you will get a text or an email. You can also always reach out on Instagram or Facebook too.



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