What a tremendous accomplishment now-a-days it is to stay with one occupation for 28 years, and even more astonishing that one man would be looking after his community for that long. That is exactly what has happened with Captain Paul Visser from the Nampa Fire Department.

The Nampa Fire Department put on a nice ceremony last week to thank Captain Visser for his years of service and dedication to the people of Nampa, as well as wishing him the best as he begins some new journeys in life. As a citizen of Nampa, it makes me feel great knowing that we have such a fantastic Fire Department here.

While I was doing a ride-along a few weeks ago with the Nampa Police Department I was speaking with Sergeant Peck about the rivalry between Police and Fire Departments and if any of that exists here in Nampa and he was quick to laugh at that one. He said the departments work very well together and that type of rivalry only pops up when doing a charity event like a basketball game.

We wouldn't have such a strong team of first responders without great leaders like Captain Visser and we wish him nothing but the best as he spends his time working on more of his favorite hobbies and spending time with loved ones.

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