Even McDonald's has joked about it... Their ice cream machines always seeming to be broken. Well some franchisees are ready for a change!

We've all been there... It's late at night and you want a McDonald's ice cream cone or a chocolate shake. You show up to the drive through salivating and ready and they tell you the machine is BROKEN! There's a part of you that wonders if it's actually broken or if they just don't feel like dealing with the machine and having to clean it over and over again late at night. I always think the manager must not be there, therefore they don't feel like doing it but apparently that's not necessarily the case!

McDonald's franchisees here in the Treasure Valley as well as locations across the United States have started the process themselves, looking for new, better built replacement ice cream machines. They've banded together to come up with a better machine that they will present to McDonald's corporate in hopes to fix this problem of broken machines.

It's such an issue that it's a running joke... It seems like everyone has dealt with this before. There are memes about it!

The only thing better than a McDonald's ice cream cone, McFlurry or shake is a good old fashioned Coca Cola Classic. I once read that McDonald's coke tastes so good because they use so much of the syrup that it's always fresh, that the water is always clean and fresh because they go through so much of it. Whatever the case, McDonald's does quite a few things right. Can we just have it all the time?

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