Pop vs. Soda. What Is It In Idaho?
It's an argument that can keep the office buzzing for an hour or more.  And it's important!
How do you refer to soft drinks?  Pop, coke, soda, or something else?  Here's what most people in Idaho say.
Share A Coke Caravan
MIX 106's JD had the Xmas spirit while broadcasting and hanging out with the Coca-Cola Santa Clause at the Wal-Mart on State St. MIX 106 listeners were able to have their photo taken and printed out for them right there, with Santa. There was free Polar Bear plush toys and collectible coke bott…
This Is What Happens When You Mix Coke and Milk
This video is up to 4.2 million views now on Youtube.  My first thought was that things would probably get volatile and explode when milk and Coke are combined, but what actually happens is surprising.  And kinda gross...