If it feels like a full tank of gas is costing you more right now, it's true. The cheapest gas prices are probably gone for the year in the Treasure Valley, and prices are headed up again. But how high will they go?

AAA says the average price at the pump is up 17 cents in a month, and gas prices aren't likely to go down again anytime soon.  USA Today said gas prices could edge up another 15 to 25 cents in the coming weeks because refineries are switching to summer blends, which are usually more expensive.

We probably won't get to $3 this summer, but we could get close.  GasBuddy said last year's average price topped out at $2.98, and this summer we could flirt with that again but will probably fall short.  So prices aren't likely to get wildly out of control but will creep up enough to make us feel a little pinch on spring and summer road trips.

Many of the GasBuddy prices in Boise over the weekend hovered around $2.34 per gallon, and that's a little higher than other places around the state.  Twin Falls has a gallon for around $2.15 and Pocatello is selling it for about $2.19, according to GasBuddy.

Higher gas prices won't stop us from hitting the road, but they might force us to pack cheap snacks in a cooler and skip the convenience store chips and jerky during the trip.

Or carpool on that spring break trip?  Um...Yeah, no.  We've been here before and we'll deal just fine.

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