I can't believe anyone still uses 123456 as a password.  So I'm shocked that it's not just one person but TONS of people who are still riding the 123456 train. This video about hacking is super scary, especially if you have a simple password

The website KeeperSecurity.com just figured out the most common passwords of 2016 by studying 10 million passwords that were revealed in data leaks and hacks.

And 17% of people were using 123456 . . . that's one out of SIX people!  Which means, in theory, if there are six people who have accounts you'd like to hack into, 123456 should get you into at least one of them.

The rest of the top 10 most common passwords are:  123456789 . . . qwerty . . . 12345678 . . . 111111 . . . 1234567890 . . . 1234567 . . . password . . . 123123 . . . and 987654321.

And in case you are interested to know if we got any smarter over the past year...that would be a big fat noooooooo

This study isn't OFFICIALLY called "Are we still idiots?"  But it should be.  Because I checked the results from 2015 and . . . yup, we're still idiots.

Even though we ALL know we should use more complicated passwords, the top two for 2015 were . . . "123456" and the word "password."  Those were also the top two in 2014.

The rest of the 10 most common passwords of 2015 were:  "12345678" . . . "qwerty" . . . "12345" . . . "123456789" . . . "football" . . . "1234" . . . "1234567" . . . and "baseball."

So when you see stories of people getting hacked...it looks like most of the time, it might be their own damn fault

If you're reading this...CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD!!!!

And don't change it to 2-4-6-8.  However if you were to make it something like: 2468WhoDoWeAPPRICIATe.  That would be an easy to remember password that would be very difficult to hack. Studies show that if you use a line from your favorite song or movie, alternating capital letters with a number somewhere in it, makes it almost impossible to hack.

The study showed that a computer program could ascertain the password 12345678 in a matter of seconds, but if you change it to ThebigbrowndogjumpedoverthewhitefencE, that same program would take years if not decades to crack it.

So come on people let's all be a little smarter over the next year so we don't see the same stupid passwords show up next year



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