We all know some of the amazing and beautiful spots in Idaho, such as Shoshone Falls, Craters of the Moon and the River of No Return among others. But there are a lot of underrated and in many cases more spectacular spots that people don't know about or forget about.

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The Bruneau Canyon's breath taking beauty is often overlooked for the more popular Hells Canyon, but Bruneau's eight to nine hundred tall vertical cliffs are every bit as amazing as any canyon wall you'll see in Hell's Canyon

The Twin Buttes in Southeastern Idaho are two of the world's largest volcanic cones, and very often overlooked in favor of the more popular Craters of the Moon. You can very easily visit both at the same time as they are located very close to each other


Check out all seven of the underrated spots in Idaho according to Only in your state web site below, then ad to them.  What are some of the amazing places you've visited in Idaho that a lot of people don't talk about or maybe even know about. Please share below in the comments section or on our Facebook page