It's the most stressful thing to do in life when you're a new dad or finding something for a baby shower, finding the right store. I recognize that could be an extreme statement and I'm definitely kidding. That said, where is the best baby store?

I'm going to list Boise's best baby stores based on Yelp and my own personal experience. I have five of the best options that should fit in everyone's budget. So, let's crawl our way through the list.

This list branches out from boutiques to basic and upstairs to depots. This is your top 5 Baby Stores for Kids including Yelp ratings.

Pi Baby Boutique - I worked with Pi Baby when our 6-year-old was born and little Leo. These are the items you can only find online and just really liked the trendy little items that my wife fell in love with. This is a super cute boutique on Fairview owned by Heather Weaver from Boise who delivered a spectacular set of quadruplets. Heather and her team are fabulous.

  • Pi Baby Boutique
  • 10870 W Fairview Ave
  • Boise Idaho 83713

Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory - Look. This is a must-visit when looking for some of the larger items in my opinion. This part of Burlington is located in the very back and has been a goto when I can't find something. You can also catch a great price on cribs and strollers too. Everything is situated together. Easy and affordable together.

  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • 7201 W Fairview Ave
  • Boise, Idaho 83704

Buns in the Oven in Downtown Boise - This isn't a big store, but is super cute. Just coming from a dad standpoint that you can try on things for moms in the downstairs area. They have a great section of everything for moms and newborns including a really good breastfeeding section. Looking for that right bra - they have a section for that. Great maternity wear.

  • Buns in the Oven
  • 413 S 8th St A
  • Boise, Idaho 83702

Kid to Kid - I know several moms who love this place and are tired of paying full prices. These are case-by-case situations right mom? One kid grows a bit slower as yours sprouts through that new jacket in one week. Kid to Kid is said to be the best of kids' resale. You can also sell back your clothes and buy new ones at affordable rates.

  • Kid to Kid
  • 1574 N Wildwood Way
  • Boise, Idaho 83713

Walmart/Target - I'm just a Walmart shopping type of dude and I keep myself out of Target because I never leave. Both of these places have great kids' stuff but I struggle sometimes with clothes based upon selection. Then again, my wife might say I'm never good at that. I seem to find way more at very reasonable prices at Walmart while Target, it depends. Both are wins for us.

Carter's Babies and Kids - This is located right down from Best Buy and Cabela's in Boise. You can't go wrong with finding clothes for newborns to toddlers. The sales are always massive and we went there a ton in the beginning. You will find a lot of Carter's clothes in our stores.

  • Carter's
  • 8255 W Franklin Rd
  • Boise, Idaho 83709

Honorable Mention: This is new to the area and originally from Twin Falls. A sister and bestie opened up a new boutique at the Village in Meridian, Remi Bleu. This is a trendy boutique for kids, babies, family, and home decor. There is a Remi Bleu in Twin Falls and that success put them in Meridian with the brand new location. Welcome!

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