There were places growing up that would suck me in for hours. If I walk into a mall it's over. That could be my decision-making skills or the fact I just want to look at everything. I feel like Hobby Lobby hits me there.

I don't care what's happening in the world you can always count on lines at Michael's, JOANN Fabrics, and now a new Hobby Lobby store on Fairview.

Hobby Lobby currently has two locations that reach out to Nampa and further out Meridian in Eagle road. If you live in Boise you're fighting Eagle traffic or I-84 traffic. That is changing with a new location at 8105 West Fairview Avenue opening on April 9 (fingers crossed.) I just spoke with Rob works at HL as they continue to setup up for the grand opening and that's the plan. My next question was hiring?

Yes! We are currently looking to hire and just come to the location to apply. Hobby Lobby isn't open, but you can knock on the door and apply in person.

The minimum wage for Hobby Lobby was increased to $17 per hour back in October last year. That's almost $10 over the Idaho minimum wage which is great.

The soft opening is planned for April 9 and that's still tentative. We are living in a COVID-19 world which means anything can change. The plan is for the April launch. I wouldn't be looking for any online options due to the timing. If you really need a job just show up in person, bring your mask and meet the hiring manager.

Go get it!


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