This could only because of what? The number of people moving to Idaho. This is obvious and maybe it's time that Idahoans come to grips with the fact we're not that best-kept secret anymore.

There is no doubt that with the high growth rates in Boise alone that you're going to have increased in several areas of local life. You will see unemployment go down because of business growth, speeding tickets go up because you have more people on the highway and that leads to Idaho being named one of the most dangerous states to live in.

You might think fewer people were on the streets due to the pandemic. That's true but driver behavior was more erratic. Motor vehicle fatality went up 30% and Idaho is right there with everyone else.


Idaho ranks 14th on that list right above Florida in 13th. Montana also coming in at a disappointing 16th which is just scary as both states' increase growth in population. Alabama might have the college football team, but it's also crowned most dangerous state. I'll post up the list below as it seems these are states with a lot of roads to travel.

How are these figures calculated? (per capita)

  • Number of licensed drivers
  • Number of licensed drives between ages 16-19
  • Number of vehicle fatalities
  • Number of serious vehicle injuries
  • Number of DUIs
  • Average daily traffic per lane
  • Annual precipitation
  • Highest posted speed limit greater than or equal to 70 mph
  • Statewide texting while driving ban

Edwards Kirby (Attorneys at Law) researched this project and you can follow that below. You can definitely say one thing about Idaho, we make those lists.


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