matter what your experience was at yours, you probably have a few things you would go back and change if you were to do it again.  A new list is out with the Top 10 things we would change.  You can read the entire list HERE.

I'll give you the top 3 and then I'd love to know what you would add to the list.

1) Smaller bridal party. Hands down- this was the most common response.

2) Meet vendors ahead of time to make sure your personalities are a good fit and that you share the same goals and visions.

3) Smaller, more intimate wedding. Many people invited a lot more guests than they would have liked out of obligation. Looking back they would have kept it to a more intimate crowd with closest friends and family.

So, do you agree with the top 3?  What would you add?  Have you helped friends and family avoid any mistakes at yours?