How I Realized I Dress Poorly
If you've ever had a little "misunderstanding" with a law enforcement officer, and a chance to visit the court house, you dress up for the occasion.  I also learned something.
There Are Unwritten Rules
Different people have different ideas of right and wrong, I get that, but there are some unwritten rules we all agree too right?  Perhaps, they're called common sense?
Jeff On National Selfie Day
It's National Selfie Day, so we decided to capture moments throughout our days starting with the Mix Morning Show throughout the day.  Confession:  I failed a bit.
My "Purple" Jeans Were Loved
When I grabbed lunch today, a very nice thing happened.  A woman took the moment to compliment my jeans.  The only problem?  She liked that they were purple.  They aren't.
Is This Legal In Idaho?
I was driving into work this afternoon and noticed something not uncommon throughout the Treasure Valley; A rear-mount bike rack on the car in front of me  But, is it legal to do it this way?
Snow And Temps In The 70's?
Spring has certainly arrive in the Treasure Valley over the last couple weeks (with amazing weather and everything seemingly in bloom).  That's not quite the case in the mountains though.
Top Idaho Baby Names of 2016
We're only 4 months in to 2016, but the top baby names of they year (so far) have been released for the nation (Olivia for girls and Ezra for boys).  How does Idaho match up?

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