Bogus Basin is a tremendous hot spot for anyone looking to have some fun no matter what season it is. There is always something going on at Bogus! Not very often do you ever hear of anything going bad while spending the day recreating there, but I did see a Facebook post over the weekend that caught my eye and the comments really made me think.

The post was made by a lady who unfortunately had her car damaged while it was sitting in the parking lot. It took place in the parking lot across from Silver Queen at around 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 16th. She was fortunate enough to have a letter that was on her windshield from someone who saw the incident take place and even left a phone number in case a witness was needed for insurance purposes.

The damage was more than just a tap on a bumper, it left real damage. Now this person who was just trying to enjoy her weekend has to deal with getting her vehicle fixed when she didn't do anything to cause this. These things happen from time to time but still very unfortunate.

After being posted on Facebook there were lots of other people who commented about their car being struck at Bogus Basin. There is always a chance that something like this could happen ANYWHERE, but it's a reminder for everyone to be careful. And if you make a mistake and hit someones vehicle, take responsibility for your actions and help get the vehicle repaired back to normal.

In the instance that I told you about above, the lady who's car got damaged is now working with Idaho State Police to contact the witness then reaching out to the person responsible for the damage.

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