Recently, I had my car booted and a sticker placed on it for parking in the wrong spot in my complex. I deserved the boot but given the circumstances, I was doomed regardless.

I had picked up a courtesy car from a dealership and arrived home after business hours so our complex's business office was closed. I couldn't find any parking for "visitors" and the sticker required was on my original vehicle. I parked one spot over, next to a visitor spot, and the next morning, I found a boot on my vehicle with a sticker notifying me that it would be towed within the next ten minutes.

Chris Cardenas/TSM Boise
Chris Cardenas/TSM Boise

I went to our office to explain the situation and thankfully, the company responsible for towing my vehicle agreed to not charge me and they removed the boot. Unfortunately, this isn't the same experience everyone will have with towing companies. A variety of factors play into what can happen and it can easily turn into one of the most annoying (and expensive) experiences you'll ever have.

We sifted through reviews of towing companies that show the ugly side of the experience I had. Coming out of your home only to find that your vehicle is immobile or gone is nothing anyone should have to deal with.

With that said, here are ten one-star reviews from Boise drivers that had terrible experiences with tow trucks in the parking lot... and on the road itself.

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