It's 2021 and we have so many things to prepare for surrounding the coronavirus. This is supposed to be everything better than in 2020. Then accidents happen and life is taken.

I received an alert earlier that should really take all of us Idahoans back a step. We love our guns and our country. A life was accidentally taken this weekend during some routine target practice.

This all happened over the weekend when a couple of friends were doing target practice off the back end of a truck. During the shooting one person came up in view on the other side of the truck but only after the shot was fired. The victim died shortly after and this is being called an accident according to the Ada Country Sheriff's office.

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I can't imagine practicing shooting with friends and accidentally killing someone. That's just not something you get over. I wanted to post this because of the severity of the situation. It was an accident, but several families will be impacted by this tragedy. We don't have any other information regarding the victim and I don't want to dive into that.

This is a great teaching moment for your kids that anything can happen. You try to teach your kids something as simple as jumping on a table, running around in the shower, and a list of other scary things. I told my daughter to stay out of the shower with my son last night because it was wet and she could fall hitting her head. What happened? She slipped and fell back barely catching herself with an inch between the rock and her head. Let's not compare the two situations but I guess you see where I'm going. I grew up with my dad reading me things in the newspaper to teach me lessons.

I have a friend that teaches classes to get licensed to carry a firearm. I remember him telling me he quit shooting one day because his wife wasn't paying attention. I still remember that conversation because he said, "It just takes one mistake Keke. I had to quit shooting to protect us both."

I really do pray for everyone involved and the families impacted by this tragedy.

If you're looking for a place to do some safe indoor shooting there is a spot in Meridian, Independence Indoor Shooting. Thanks to my friend Kevin Miller at KIDO Talk Radio for telling me about that place.

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