It's no secret that I love the winter Olympics. I have already created my playlist for when I drop into the halfpipe and now I am practicing my speech for when I win gold. And I should win gold for certain aspects of my life!

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I am fully aware that I won't make it to the medal podium at any Olympics. I think it's my height that is holding me back. Okay fine, it's probably the fact that I haven't been practicing my triple sow cow.

Let's pretend though that you could win a gold for something in your everyday life. I think I have two chances for taking the gold, climbing up on the podium and thanking my parents for never supporting me. In the timed events, I could win for downing a pint of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream in record time. I could also win gold for being a good sister to my two siblings. This event is also known as being a complete pushover. I am more focused on the ice cream gold medal. I feel that is a sure thing!

What do you do in your everyday life that could win you a gold medal? Mike's addiction and strange love of bacon should at least get him a bronze. Being a father to 7 kids deserves gold! How about you?