There are some crazy hotels and places to stay in the world, but one of the top ten craziest hotels is right here in Idaho and you can stay there if you're ready to "ruff" it

Get it? Ruff it as in a dog barking...because it's a Bed and Breakfast shaped like a dog? Come on, that's funny!

Now, while I've never stayed in the Beagle shaped B&B, I have seen it many times, because it's located just a few miles from where I grew up in Cottonwood, Idaho, which is located in between Grangeville and Lewiston and visible from highway 95 as you drive by. I do have family members who have stayed here, even one who spent their wedding night here....they had a howling good time.....(OK, come on that one really was funny wasn't it?).

As crazy as the Beagle shaped B&B is, it's not the #1 craziest hotel on the list, check out the top ten craziest hotels in the video below...and if you've ever spent the night, share your story in the comments section below or on our Facebook page


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