The scenes of disaster and loss in Houston, he Texas Gulf Coast, and Louisiana are heartbreaking.  It makes you wonder what it might be like if we ever dealt with similar flooding.

There are definitely differences in our topography, weather systems, and our geographic elements, but the Washington Post has created a tool to give us a taste of what a similar flood would be like in our neighborhood.

The tool operates under the assumption that we would get the same amount of rain as the highest total in Houston (nearly neck deep for a 6 foot tall person).  They take into account surrounding hills and valleys, and give you an overview of your neighborhood (or whatever one you choose).

In the image I use above, I took a look at things around our studios in ParkCenter.  The water in our station parking lot would have been 4.6 feet deep.  It was a little higher at points around the BSU Campus, and lower near Whole Foods.

The tool gives you a perimeter it works within to give you a sense in your immediate area, but it's mind-blowing to think that so much of Houston (which is such a flat area) is covered.

While this is academic, thinking back a couple months, this could have been somewhat of a reality if the potential flooding along the Boise River had materialized.

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