I'm trying to add up all the things we might be doing wrong during this pandemic and everyone has an opinion. I actually feel like the putting up tree after Thanksgiving was relaxed some this year.

There is one thing that isn't being relaxed and it's the way you've forever put up Christmas lights. Hello, it's 2020 and you're putting them up the wrong direction. What?

This is also what happens when you just have too much time on your hands. You look at every little detail that maybe you never notice.

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If you are coiling your Christmas lights, you are doing it wrong.

That is coming from Clare Hooper from TikTok who demonstrated why this is a mistake and takes much longer.

Hooper wants you to use the "zig-zag method" for several reasons, "This method saved me so many times." They say putting on lights in a vertical direction will let you replace lights easier and save all the unwanted length nobody sees in the back. I agree on the wasted stuff in the back and 2.4 million views might just mean she's not alone.

We can all watch both of these acting like it's just a video or does it really do that? That like someone getting the new iPhone and you try to convince yourself you really don't need one. "I have an Iphone 11. Why do I need the 12?" I'll answer that question. It's because you want one and just maybe the photos look better. You already have your tree lighting way so why do it this way? I'll answer that too. What if she's correct and this is the best way ever?

Some of you might be putting up a tree this week and why not try something a bit different because it actually makes sense.

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