Talk about OLD. This Boise Bar is the Oldest in the City.

The Cactus Bar was founded in 1936, and has sat at the same location since the day it opened up for it's first round. What has been a destination for many on their 21st birthdays, including yours truly, the "Cactus" has a reputation for down home brews and great customer service in the shell of a so called Dive Bar.

cactus bar

With all the NEW that is happening in downtown it's nice that a place like the Cactus is still around for those local's who have been patrons for years. I think this pretty much sums up the feeling and atmosphere of the Cactus Bar.

 If you're just looking to drink away your sorrows, go here.  If you're just looking for cheap drinks and a laid back time go here. It's definitely for the down to earth and unpretentious.  - Erin T. from College Park MD


Ask anyone in Boise about the Cactus and more than likely they will have a great story that comes from a night here. One of the funniest things I saw though was the Yelp reviews of the place. So grab a pint, sit back and get ready to chuckle. – JD

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