Everybody worries about something.  I worry that I worry too much.   Sometimes those worries can turn into a full blown phobia, like my fear of heights or Kate's fear of small enclosed spaces, like elevators.  Sometimes fears can be totally irrational, like Kate, who fears someone is hiding under her bed, so she can't let her feet dangle or he'll get her.  (I don't care who you are, that is a totally irrational fear)  But according to a recent survey, here are some fears that everyone has, but no one ever talks about.


That you left your curling iron, iron or something hot on when you left the house (my mom worried about this all the time)

That eating or drinking something after the expiration date was going to make you sick.


That you're going to choke while eating by yourself and no one will be there to save you. (I don't worry about that, but I worry about swimming by myself and drowning because no one will be there to pull me out if I hit my head or something)

That every time you lose a few strands of hair, you might be going bald

That you're accidentally going to text or email something to someone for whom the message wasn't meant for, or worse yet, that you were talking about them in that message.

That you're going to get your period out of nowhere, when you aren't prepared.

........what about you, what do you worry about