I don’t hate very often, but I really, really hate when people steal from others.

A man in Meridian, who has one of those video doorbell systems that sends alerts to your phone if someone is at your front door, was shocked when it started flashing at 3:30 a.m. He actually saw a man in a hoodie grab a package off his front porch that he didn’t know was there at the time.

The thief was probably thoroughly disappointed when he opened it to find a pink cowgirl hat and party favors for a little girl’s birthday party. How sad is that?! It's not the cost of the items, it's the fact that someone would come to the door and take something that doesn't belong to them. I'm sure he thought he was getting something totally different.

With the holidays coming up and those beautiful little amazon packages (I seriously light up when I see one at my door) that will be showing up on people’s doorsteps, it's a great time to be more cautious.

This is one of the popular surveillance systems people seem to be using these days. (HERE) They aren't as expensive as they used to be either.

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