In most occasions criminals are their own worst enemies, especially in this recent case with Kyle Williamson-Smith out of East Wenatchee, Washington who has been placed under arrested after law enforcement found him selling stolen products from Boise-area stores on his personal eBay account.

You would think that by the time you're 30 years old you would know right from wrong but according to KTVB, Williamson-Smith has now been linked to more than 30 burglaries in total and is facing 20 felony charges. He will be extradited back to Ada County to face charges.

The burglaries started back in June and popped back up in December and January, mostly stealing large amounts of health and beauty products. Boise police worked with law enforcement within East Wenatchee to serve the warrant where they found over $14,000 in stolen products. Williamson-Smith was placed under arrest and taken to jail on Sunday. Just another example of how crime never pays.

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