Idaho really is a state of contrasts...wide open spaces, rugged mountains, rolling farmland and other worldly landscapes...don't believe me, take an aerial trip through Idaho

And as you take your trip pay special attention to the video at about the 1:30 mark....that believe it or not is the house I lived in, till I was about 10 years old. It's located on the rolling hills of the Palouse at the top of the Lewiston hill just outside of Genesee.

(See Picture Below)

The House Mike Grew up in outside Genesee

I talk to many people all the time who have never traveled farther north than Horseshoe Bend or Maybe McCall. Do yourself a favor and visit the northern portions of our state...and end you travel in Riggins or Lewiston...go all the way to the tippy top of our state to the Canadian is some of the most pretty and even breathtaking scenery you will find in Idaho.


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