A guy that I dated this fall has resurfaced, and wants my number again.  He deleted me once!  Should I give it to him again?

Things went well for awhile with this guy, but it got to the point where we both started pushing each other's buttons and drove each other nuts with misunderstandings.  But we really liked each other for awhile, and I think each of us is still entertaining ideas about how it could have turned out differently.  Should we try again?

He found me again on one of the dating websites and he sent a message to say hi, and that led to a conversation about how we should meet up again after the holidays.  I invited him to get off the dating site and text me again, and that's when he asked for my number.  Again.

I think you really have to not like someone and be certain that you're done with that person to hit delete and wipe him or her off your phone.  And then to confirm the delete!  He was really sure!  I mean, isn't there room for hundreds of people in the contact list?  Why not just leave people in there just in case?  And now he has changed his mind about sending me to the trash can and wants another chance.  Is he too whimsy and weak not knowing what he wants, or should I give him credit for realizing what he wants and having the guts to try again?  Oh man, I don't know.

Dating stinks.  Don't do it kids!   And be dang sure about what you're doing when you delete people.  I knew a guy once who called the people he was about to delete, to see if they put up a fight to stay on his phone.  Haha!  Maybe we should all try that.

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