I'm one of those rebels that will type words out instead of abbreviating.

I figure I can carve out ten more seconds in my day to type out "running late, major meltdown," and spare my friends the pain of trying to decode what I meant by "RLMM."

This list of acronyms for Moms who text is kind of entertaining though!  Check it out.

How about these?  Will you use them?  Thanks to Popsugar for the inspiration.

AB46 — Awake before 6
CIR — Child in room
CS — Colic sucks
EOWK — Eating out with kids
IIBY — Is it bedtime yet?
MACA — Mac and cheese again
MTWS — Make the whining stop
MTCS — Make the crying stop
RLMM — Running late, major meltdown
SOAL! — Stepped on a lego!
VA — Vacuuming again

That "vacuuming again" acronym could be confusing for people who live in Virginia.

Love the Lego reference!  That is some searing pain and we all know how that feels.

Happy texting.  TTYL.

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