How many times do you check your smart phone in a day?  The average is, well, a lot.  It's less than a hundred times a day, but the number is still a shocker.

Everything is on the phone, right?  Our whole lives. It's work and personal email, texting, bank apps, social media, calendar and organization apps, retail apps and shopping, exercise trackers, music, and the always-adventurous dating apps like Tinder.  Each one of those things is shooting info, greetings, and hot dates at us all day long.

How often you check your phone might depend on how many notifications you have set up, right?  If you know you're going to get bombarded with dings for new emails, you'll shut those off and just know there will be lots of new emails waiting the next time you log in.  Emails are a dime a dozen and we don't always want the notice. But we'll leave the "new text" dinger on because it's exciting to hear that someone texted.  Even though it's your 30th of the day.  All of it adds up to lots of checking.

We check our phones on average, 85 times per day and we're one the phone a third of the time we're awake - 5 hours total.  The average length of time spent each time we check the phone is 30 seconds.  Just long enough to answer a text.  We're good in short bursts it seems.

Most people in the survey were accessing their phones twice as often as they thought.  A sure sign that the phone has become a habit!  We're not really conscious of it anymore.

I'll admit that sometimes I'll check my phone on the way through the kitchen, between the dinner table and the fridge on a quest to get the kids more milk.  I'll answer a text on the way by because the phone is sitting there on the counter and begging me to touch it.

We might as well own the addiction, because the phone is where a lot of life happens.  Just not behind the wheel of course.

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