There are so many filters these days to make you look anyway you want. This new filter takes you back in time literally.

We already tried the gender swap filter now this is the child version of you filter. It even adds a little rattle next to you. This does look like how I did a little when I was young but not entirely. Have you tried this one?

There are so many different phone filters and this one seems harmless but some of them are contributing to mental health risks. It is allowing a false sense of reality and people are having a hard time looking in an actual mirror after having a filter put on. My sister doesn't share a single photo without sparkly eyes and a filter to polish her up. She doesn't look like that, but to the social media world she does and is that what really matters.

I just read a story about a woman who got plastic surgery to look like her snapchat filter. Wow, that is extreme but I believe it.

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