I just read that The Walking Dead had their worst ratings ever and with just a few weeks away from the craziest election of our lifetimes, a global pandemic and civil unrest, I'd say The Walking Dead is probably too pleasant.

For the record, I'm not a doom and gloom type of person. In fact, I'm proudly an optimist. But I can guarantee in this rough year that 2020 has been, people are not turning to The Walking Dead. In fact, the zombie series' season ten finale handed them their lowest ratings ever.

I write this from my comfortable but average, Meridian Idaho home, where in the midst of a controversial election season, global pandemic and civil unrest I'm still able to go grab dinner at The Village and eat tacos outdoors in beautiful weather. I'm lucky to still be able to go to work daily, feed my family and enjoy life.

Though despite us living in one of the most beautiful areas of the country here in Idaho, the stress of society still persists. In fact, Caldwell was named Idaho's most stressed city. It's okay to be stressed about current events, they're pretty insane. It's okay to be worried about the future or even concerned about your job. I keep hearing that sometimes there's a week's worth of news in a decade and sometimes there's a decade's worth of news in a week. Currently, we're in the latter. People from all sides are trying to scare us but here we are, persevering and trying to live our best lives despite all the craziness.

So kudos to you if you don't want to watch a show where the world is ending! Let's all just watch Schitt's Creek instead. I stopped watching The Walking Dead five years ago anyway...

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